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  • Thanks to GoodSurgeonGuide I have been able to research the right anti aging treatments that are suitable for me. I found my cosmetic doctor & trust her totally.

    Kellie Truckle

  • GoodSurgeonGuide is the only place where you can find real honest reviews about companies performing plastic surgery in the UK & Abroad. I wish I had used them before I was botched in Poland.

    Juney Junigk

  • I dont know where I’d be & what I would look like if GoodSurgeonGuide did not step in to help me on a couple of occasions. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon or Doctor let goodsurgeonguide help you find the good one for you.

    Sarah Hollister Sigston

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    Tina Batten

  • If more people used GoodSurgeonGuide to find a permanent make up artist then I wouldn’t have to do as much Tattoo Removal/Revision in my Caterham Salon.

    Lorena Oberg

  • Statistics show that we are increasingly using online review sites before making our choices. We encourage patients to view the GSG site

    Cheryl Barton, RGN NIP Co-Founder PIAPA
    Consultant Editor Journal Aesthetic Nursing

  • I cant wait to get started I’ve signed up because I can see the benefits to me as a business owner of Viva Skin Clinics in London and for my clients

    Rupert Critchley
    Cosmetic Doctor VIVA skin Clinic

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